Book Discussion
Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 1:30PM
King Library

Book Discussion
Author: Lisa Halliday
Facilitated by: Betse Gori & Amanda Kiernan

A singularly inventive and unforgettable novel about love, luck, and the inextricability of life and art.

Told in three distinct and uniquely compelling sections, Asymmetry explores the imbalances that spark and sustain many of our most dramatic human relations: inequities in age, power, talent, wealth, fame, geography, and justice. The first section, “Folly,” tells the story of Alice, a young American editor, and her relationship with the famous and much older writer Ezra Blazer. A tender and exquisite account of an unexpected romance that takes place in New York during the early years of the Iraq War, “Folly” also suggests an aspiring novelist’s coming-of-age. By contrast, “Madness” is narrated by Amar, an Iraqi-American man who, on his way to visit his brother in Kurdistan, is detained by immigration officers and spends the last weekend of 2008 in a holding room in Heathrow. These two seemingly disparate stories gain resonance as their perspectives interact and overlap, with yet new implications for their relationship revealed in an unexpected coda.

A stunning debut from a rising literary star, Asymmetry is an urgent, important, and truly original work that will captivate any reader while also posing arresting questions about the very nature of fiction itself.

About the Facilitators
Betse Gori is a librarian at the Society of the Four Arts King Library. Amanda Kiernan is a library associate for the Society of the Four Arts King Library.


There is no charge to attend.

Reservations are not required.

Seating is limited to 75.

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