(Sold Out) Michelangelo’s Last Painting: Its Chilling Revelation
with author Andrew Boemi
Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 1:30PM
King Library

Book Discussion

Michelangelo’s Last Painting: Its Chilling Revelation
with author Andrew Boemi

About the Program: In Michelangelo’s Last Painting, author Andrew Boemi presents a new theory behind one of the darkest periods in human history.

Book Summary:

Winner of the Silver Medal in the Ben Franklin Book Awards, Michelangelo’s Last Painting is an epic tale of international intrigue and conspiracy at the highest levels. The story spans more than 400 years and exposes a chilling revelation discovered in the faces of the original chalk drawing and then concealed in a secret book of the Jesuit religious order and in the painting, which has been lost.

The terrifying revelation is an ancient curse which attempts to explain the treatment of Jews since the time of Abraham.

Richard Arenell and Sao Damrey, lovers, notable art experts, and glamorous members of the fine art glitterati, have been given a mission by a powerful and shadowy Asian software mogul and art collector: To find and secure, by any means possible, the painting of Christ on the Cross, which is now rumored to have been found after being lost for centuries.

As their lives are changed the reader will question the content in Michelangelo’s last painting and its warning for the future.

About the author:

Andrew Boemi has collected fine art and studied art history, world history and its interrelationship with Scripture for much of his adult life. He was introduced to masterpiece paintings by art history courses at Georgetown University, from which he graduated.

For his first book, Boemi has combined his background in fine art with his background in corporate finance and his business experience, which includes co-founding one of the first institutional backed international farmland funds, initiating one of the most successful larger leveraged buyouts in US corporate history and serving on publicly held bank and insurance companies’ boards of directors.



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