The Future is Unwritten: Healing Arts Palm Beach

The Future is Unwritten: Healing Arts Palm Beach
$65 for four-part series
No charge for Four Arts members

As medical organizations and researchers have collected evidence that the arts bring consolation and healing to people’s suffering, the arts have emerged as an essential part of our mental well-being. Join us for this series of engaging talks highlighting the research and cultural practices that address mental health needs through the arts. The series is part of city-wide activations in London, Houston, Venice, Paris, New York, and New Delhi.

Audrey Gruss and Dr. Eric Nestler
Thursday, January 6 at 11 a.m.

Major depression is the leading cause of disability and suicide worldwide, and there is a pressing need for novel treatments. To develop these treatments, we need a better understanding of the biological basis of the illness. Audrey Gruss, Founding Chair of the Hope for Depression Research Foundation (HDRF), and acclaimed neuroscientist Dr. Eric Nestler, Chair of HDRF’s Depression Task Force, will discuss the latest research.

Dr. Jill Sonke: Why Public Health Needs the Arts
Thursday, January 6 at noon

Moving the needle on major public health issues, including mental health, social isolation, collective trauma, racism, chronic disease, and the pandemic requires cross-sector collaboration and creativity. Arts and culture are available but often underutilized resources for addressing these issues. Jill Sonke, Senior Advisor to the CDC Vaccine Confidence and Demand Team, will explore the value of public health plus arts and culture partnerships for increasing health, and equity in communities.

Panel Discussion: The Future is Unwritten
Thursday, January 6 at 5:30 p.m.

Christopher Bailey, Stephen Stapleton and John Royall will introduce an evolving initiative they activated, Healing Arts, supported by the World Health Organization and the United Nations, which addresses mental and societal well-being through the arts. Coinciding with the launch of a dedicated Healing Arts Lab, exploring scalable, measurable arts-based health solutions, they will dive into the scientific evidence and stories that have fueled this emerging practice of art and health.

Dr. Iva Fattorini: Art Therapy, A Global Path
Friday, January 7 at 11 a.m.

Art therapy is an evidence- based, accredited form of psychotherapy that empowers patients to communicate feelings through creative media, rather than with words. Art therapy is used in prevention, management and treatment of anxiety and psychological symptoms associated with medical issues, and to manage neurological disorders. Dr. Fattorini, founder of Artocene, is one of the pioneers of the contemporary arts and medicine movement.


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