The Four Arts Botanical Gardens



The Garden Club of Palm Beach manages and maintains the Four Arts Botanical Gardens. Originally designed in 1938, the Botanical Gardens are demonstration gardens that educate residents and visitors about the diversity of plants that thrive in South Florida’s climate. The gardens are divided into themed spaces that reflect popular architectural and planting styles in the area: Chinese Garden, Fragrant Moonlight Garden, Palm Garden, Bromeliad Garden, Jungle Garden, Spanish Facade Garden, Formal Garden, Tropical Garden, and Madonna Garden.

 Over the years, the gardens have changed and evolved. They fell into disrepair during World War II, but Richard K. Webel, a landscape architect with the firm of Innocenti & Webel, redesigned the gardens into “small garden rooms” in the mid-1950s. Fifty years later, Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne roared through Palm Beach County and Hurricane Wilma caused further damage in 2005. The Four Arts used these weather events as an opportunity to create a new vision for the Botanical Gardens by adjoining them to the Philip Hulitar Sculpture Garden. With the assistance of Garden Club members, landscape architect Morgan Wheelock designed a new garden that opened in 2007.



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