Four Arts Announces New Speaker Series Featuring Prominent Historians

FoundingFathers250The Society of the Four Arts announces a new lecture series featuring nationally recognized historians Joseph Ellis, Gordon Wood, Ron Chernow, David McCullough and Lynne Cheney. The program, entitled “The Founders and Us: The Relevance of Our Origins,” begins January 5, 2017. Tickets are available now.

“The Founders and Us: The Relevance of our Origins” was the inspiration of Four Arts member and trustee, Gay Hart Gaines. “I believe in the absolute necessity of twenty-first century Americans learning about our country’s founding fathers, present at America’s creation,” said Gaines. “I wanted to address the ever widening gaps in our knowledge of America’s unique history and what it means to be an American.”

Each program will include a one-hour lecture followed by an interactive Q&A led by Dr. Robert Watson, an author and Lynn University professor who is a nationally recognized expert on the American presidency. Watson is a frequent media commentator on CNN, Fox’s “Special Report with Brit Hume,” MSNBC, USA Today, The New York Times and the BBC.

“The Founders and Us: The Relevance of our Origins” is generously sponsored by MorseLife. “It is a privilege and an honor for two cherished community resources, MorseLife Health System and The Society of the Four Artsto partner in bringing these renowned authors to our community,” said Mary Alice Pappas, senior vice president of the MorseLife Foundation. “Our missions are complementary– the first dedicated to healing the body and the second dedicated to inspiring the soul.”

Visit the official event page for a complete listing of speakers and dates, as well as a list of suggested reading and a curriculum guide.

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