Our new art project, “The Library of Thought,” needs you!

Artist Jane Runyeon poses in front of "The Library of Thought" which was installed at The Four Arts Dixon Education Building December 11.
Artist Jane Runyeon poses in front of “The Library of Thought” which was installed at The Four Arts Dixon Education Building December 11.

We are excited to announce a new art project that was installed today in our Dixon Education Building. “The Library of Thought” is a collaborative collage and the creation of artist Jane Runyeon, who is scheduled to teach a sold-out workshop through the our Campus on the Lake Education program. This artwork will be integral to her teaching and will be completed as a class project. There are also several completed artworks by Jane included in the display, which will be on view until January 23. (You can learn more about her work and her career here.)

“The Library of Thought” is a 90” x 120” artwork designed to mimic the scale of three large bookshelves. All the elements were gathered in Palm Beach including newspapers, ribbon, books and wallpaper. Jane feels that her “create-on-site” helps to make every project highly individual.

But here is the really fun part: “The Library of Thought” isn’t just Jane’s project, it’s yours too! Visitors to the Four Arts are invited to add objects that you feel are thought provoking to the shelves. Examples of items that you could consider adding  include magazine clippings, hand-written quotes, fabric or even lightweight three-dimensional items, such as straws.  Contributors may include their names or post to the project anonymously. Because the framework of the piece is meant to look like a bookshelf, we ask that the shape of your contribution resembles a book. Our hope is that that those studying the installation feel as though they are browsing the shelves of a library – but in place of books resides a visual and written representation of what amuses, intrigues, or otherwise inspires people.

Jane had this to say about the project:

[quote]“’The Library of Thought’ represents the way the mind organizes and free associates our information and experiences. Books and paintings give us the freedom to fly, to imagine the previously unimaginable. I recognize specific places, subjects and objects that consistently trigger my imagination. The library is one of those places, filled with infinite potential. As a painter and collage artist perusing through stacks of books is as powerful as a late afternoon walk into the woods. It is there you are quietly reminded about one of your most important assets: your imagination.”[/quote]

"The Library of Thought" measures 90"x120" - approximately the size of three large bookshelves.
“The Library of Thought” measures 90″x120″ – approximately the size of three large bookshelves.


Those interested in adding to “The Library of Thought” are invited to bring materials to the Dixon Education Building at 240 Cocoanut Row in Palm Beach between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Submissions should be lightweight and capable of being attached to the collage with tape or push pins. A “creative toolbox” is also available with materials to create content on site, and both the Four Arts King Library and Children’s Library are offering resources, such as a book of quotations and other materials, to help spark ideas.

In addition to her workshop, which is already sold-out, Jane will also be giving a lecture about the history of collage and her artwork on January 19 at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $25 or free for Four Arts members, and you can learn more and sign up here.

What kind of ideas do you think will show up in “The Library of Thought?”

Share pictures of your contribution   to “The Library of Thought” using  #libraryofthought on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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